Virtual Barrel Tasting of 2019 Pinot Noir

Virtual Barrel Tasting of 2019 Pinot Noir


Join the acclaimed Center of Effort winemaking team for a virtual barrel tasting of  v.2019 Pinot Noir. Winemaker Nathan Carlson, Associate Winemaker Kevin Bargetto and Cellar Master Travis Enholm will guide you through a tasting of six Pinot Noir barrel samples. Each sample highlights a different vineyard block, fermentation technique, or aging process. The winemaking team will also provide insights on what they consider in arriving at their final blends.

Included in the preview are six barrel samples (sufficient for two people tasting), a tasting mat with technical information, three bottles of finished wines, selected to give a great overview of the elegant Pinot Noir produced by Center of Effort, and a zoom tasting session with the winemakers.

Zoom session to be held May 30th, 2020, 4pm pacific time.

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